What's a (online) content creator?

You are probably also on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and many more platforms, but why? What is the function of such a platform and how can you use it in the best way possible? There's one person who can help you answer these questions: a content creator! Content can be found on all contemporary online platforms, but also on television and in the newspapers. A content creator ensures that these pieces of information tell a story to activate people to take an action such as buying a product. Therefore content creation is a very important part of marketing as it is the link between the company and the public. The more creative, the better! What can be the work of an online content creator?

- Shooting/Filming and Editing

- Managing social media

- Writing blogs

- Record podcasts

- Creating filters As you can see, content can be used very widely! Sara Lisa Management focuses on the marketing of creatives in the music industry. We also supply E-books and Press kits. Curious about what we can do for you? Please contact us here, or send an email to

Always wanted to become an online creator? In the new school year of 2020/2021 the official study 'Content Creator' will start at various schools in the Netherlands! For more information, visit and